The Benefits of ADHD and Everyday Life Hacks

Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a neurological disorder. Adults and children diagnosed with ADHD may have difficulty focusing, get hyperactive, and experience uncontrollable impulses. But these traits don’t have to be seen as problems, in fact, they could be seen as superpowers!

Benefits of ADHD

Great Personality

  • Individuals with ADHD are bright, creative, and funny
  • Learning novel ways to manage symptoms develops a sense of humility and self-respect
  • These traits add up to a person who is a pleasure to be around and brightens others’ days


  • People dealing with ADHD day to day create excellent determination and drive to keep going no matter what
  • A sense of wanting to prove themselves to others and themselves push them to achieve more
  • This is an excellent trait to have and is desirable to any work colleague, teacher, or boss


  • ADHD constantly requires people to approach tasks differently making them great problem solvers
  • Thinking outside the box and seeing things in a different light can be a great advantage
  • This trait could be focused on a creative project or very useful in many creative or business industries


  • A state where an individual with ADHD can focus on a task for hours on end
  • When working on a project of interest they can tune out everything around them
  • Hyperfocus improves performance and causes excellent work efficiency


  • Individuals with ADHD love to make people happy
  • Sharing, offering a shoulder to cry on, and always being there for people in need
  • This quality strengthens family bonds and friendships


  • Having the courage to do whatever is enjoyable at the moment
  • Not being concerned with long-term implications or overthinking situations
  • This makes for a fun and exciting friendship or relationship and life will never be boring

Conversational Skills

  • ADHD offers a talkative nature which means sparking an intriguing conversation in most scenarios
  • People with ADHD often say what’s on their mind without holding back which can be very refreshing
  • A few of the many excellent people skills required for all kinds of situations and industries


  • Having to frequently monitor one’s behavior will develop a very heightened self-awareness
  • Having ADHD often means checking and suppressing behaviors to be less disruptive to others
  • Developing extremely strong coping skills to help manage behavior while preventing fatigue will come in useful in many aspects of life


  • With the challenge of having to deal with ADHD day to day, most other things can seem positive
  • Thinking bigger picture is a great quality of people with ADHD, so they don’t sweat the small stuff
  • Having the ‘everything will be ok’ optimism is a great way to handle what life throws at you


  • Teachers view more than half of all children with ADHD as resilient
  • People with ADHD excel at pushing past setbacks, adopting new strategies, and moving forward better than ever
  • Resilience is an excellent trait for working in the forces or striving toward difficult goals

Everyday Life Hacks

ADHD Hacks for Parents

  • Maintain a structured routine to ensure your child’s mind-body balance
  • Keep a bulletin board with upcoming events and review daily
  • Be aware of their cues and help them – ask them to slow down, use fewer words, and speak softly
  • Encourage exercise and physical play immediately following school and prior to homework
  • Allow them to use headphones for studying and play happy music without words

ADHD Hacks for Kids

  • Do what is most important first
  • Stay hydrated and avoid sugary drinks
  • Plan 5 extra minutes into everything you do
  • Sit in the front of the class where the teacher can see you
  • Be open about your differences and invite help

ADHA Hacks for Teens

  • Be kind to yourself; no one is perfect
  • Use a timer for difficult conversations and do not allow interruptions (2 min. per person)
  • Rely on your strengths and share your struggle
  • Use audiobooks and podcasts to study, turn the speed up, and walk
  • Ask loved ones to help by telling you kindly when you are talking too loud, too fast, or too much

ADHD Hacks for Adults

  • Use Notes and Lists: See it, Say it, Write it, Review it
  • Remember less is more, abbreviation is key to effectiveness
  • When you plan your day take two to do’s away to avoid over-scheduling and do what’s most important first
  • Standing desks are great for work
  • Give yourself grace

Living with ADHD can provide unique benefits that can be used to a person’s advantage with some clever hacks. Changing mindset can help people enjoy their ADHD symptoms by channeling their energy into productivity and enjoyment.


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