The term neurodiversity originated from the philosophies of Judy Singer, an Australian Sociologist and self-identified autistic. Singer rejected traditional theories regarding the diagnosis of learning disabilities alternately defining these differences as naturally occurring neurological variants. Substantial scientific evidence supports this concept and suggests it appropriate to replace the term learning disability with neurodiversity.


Neurodiversity is the belief that neurological disabilities and differences are not the result of faulty biology, but rather the result of natural neurological variation and/or evolution.


The Neurodiverse Collective is a movement to eradicate the negative stigmas associated with learning disabilities, differences and mental disorders. Members embrace and encourage the celebration of difference growing the collective capacity to work, to relate, and to evolve. This movement will help to ensure efficacy, equity and empowerment for all.


Waymakers light the way to well-being, wise living, and enhanced relationships as leaders of the Neurodiverse Collective.