The Advantage of Neurodiversity

Having a neurodivergent perspective and experience can offer a lot of real-world benefits. See more about what that looks like here.

Numeric Expertise

  • The ability to recognize patterns means that individuals with autism perform exceptionally well on trigonometry and geometry tasks
  • Their different perceptive abilities can strengthen their ability to do calculations and think abstractly

Exceptional Memory

  • Many people with neurodivergent conditions have a remarkable memory
  • This can be anything from photographic memory to savant-like recollection abilities
  • Due to differences in their brain structure, they are able to process and save information differently than normal people

Unique Perspective

  • Overcoming hurdles due to neurodivergent offers both themselves and the people around them a unique perspective
  • Their ability to make the best of their situations and turn things around can be an example to everyone

Resourceful Nature

  • With neurodivergent conditions, those with them have to make efforts to adapt to their surroundings
  • From communicating needs to setting boundaries, there is a lot that goes into resourcefulness with neurodivergent conditions

Determined Will

  • When faced with challenges and hurdles, neurodivergent people have to be committed to their personal success
  • Their will and determination helps them get over whatever challenges they are facing in their daily lives

Innovative Purpose

  • People with neurodivergent conditions may shine spectacularly in certain areas of their lives
  • They may have fantastically specific interests or abilities that are different from anyone or anything else around them

Visual Processing Talent

  • In certain conditions, such as OCD, someone may have extraordinary visual processing abilities
  • They demonstrate incredible attention to detail and the ability to only process the relevant information and ignore any and all  distractions
  • Their skill for abstract thinking may allow them to be able to look at the elements of a visual piece differently
  • Depending on their skill set, they also may be able to represent the piece visually better as well

Endurance and Grit

  • Dealing with neurodivergence means making it in a world that may not completely understand you
  • Some may overcome bullying, insecurity, or low self-confidence
  • Living with neurodivergence means that you make it a point to be the best you can be and embrace your uniqueness
  • This level of acceptance and strength shows their determination and their grit
  • An advantage of autism could be their resiliency

Reasoning Ingenuity

  • People with neurodivergent traits may showcase superior reasoning ability
  • They may be better at reasoning skills due to strengths in the different areas of their brain
  • This can include being able to pay closer attention to details
  • Also, they may be able to see unconsidered elements that previously were not noticed
  • Finally, they will be able to have workable solutions

Strategic Dexterity

  • People with neurodivergent issues know how important it is to make the most of what they have
  • So, in finding solutions for any problems that come up, they make the most out of their abilities and resources
  • They may have a more realistic view of the issue at hand
  • Also, they are used to working up against many kinds of issues or limitation
  • This familiarity with limits helps them to be selective about the course of action

Integrative Approach

  • An integrative approach means that they take consideration into the limitations or boundaries that they may face and is an advantage of OCD
  • Also, they may be more open to giving solutions to people with disabilities as they understand firsthand what that looks like
  • An integrative approach would take a look at  all of the necessary steps and preparations to have a solution
  • They also could see all of the individual components that look at the bigger picture

Transformative Mindset

  • Neurodivergence leads to ingenuity
  • They have to daily transform the way things work and the world around them in order to adapt
  • This means they have a great perspective and approach that will give priceless insight
  • As their brains work differently and are very often structured differently, their perspective and approach is different than when compared to other people

Neurodivergence is one of the amazing things about being human. Their unique skills and perspectives allow people to see the world from a different lens. This can lead to better inclusion and diversity in any situation, as well as an appreciation for the differences that make us all individuals.


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