Inhabit J.O.Y. Journey

As a Neurodivergent and working mother of 4, Renee has designed this hybrid coaching option with the demands of a busy schedule in mind. The Inhabit J.O.Y. Journey includes a monthly, 30-minute one-on-one with Reneea customized resources, our private quarterly newsletter, and access to a Theara Academy course.

Monthly 30-minute one-on-one, Access to a Theara Academy Course, + Customized Resources

Free 30-minute Consultation

Only $49 a month!

Embrace Your Transformation

As an educator, successful entrepreneur, and cognitive coach, Renee has curated this experience to help you design a transformational plan for personal growth. Embrace your Transformation includes direct access to Renee in a private, 60-minute, coaching session to help you through any of your lifestyle challenges.  Renee will help you learn to communicate better, direct your emotions positively, and better manage the challenges of Neurodiversity. This experience also includes access to our quarterly newsletter, access to a Theara Academy Course, and many other free resources.

Monthly hour-long Coaching Session + Access to a Theara Academy Course, Quarterly Newsletter +  Customized Resources 

Free 30-minute Consultation 

Just $125 a month!

The L.I.G.H.T Intensive

 + Renee has designed this 6-month intensive for those ready to dive deep into the transformational experience.  This offering includes 2 monthly 60-minute coaching sessions and personalized content to help you overcome the everyday challenges that are hindering you from your life’s success. Renee will help you integrate her innovative brain-training techniques into your daily life to increase your self-esteem, effectiveness, executive functioning, and overall happiness.  The L.I.G.H.T. Intensive will provide you with a concrete roadmap for the ND journey while helping you build the connections that lead to better relationships. This experience also includes access to our private quarterly newsletter, access to a Theara Academy course, and many other customizable resources.

12 hour-long, private sessions+ Theara Academy Course + Quarterly Newsletter + Customized Resources 

Free 30-minute Consultation 

$1200 (Just 3 Payments of $400)

$1000 (Single Payment Benefit!)

The light of the sun indiscriminately nourishes, grows, and fortifies us. Sunlight offers us promise, hope, and wellness. At Theara we embrace the LIGHT approach:


We teach strategies that empower Neurodiverse and neuro-typical individuals to effectively engage with one another and their environment.


We employ a holistic coaching model that promotes efficacy in every aspect of life.


We provide you with the tools and direction essential to your empowerment at home, at school, and at work.


We honor and celebrate human diversity, equity, and inclusion.


We overcome individual challenges drawing upon the strength and power of the Neurodiverse Collective. We inspire transformational growth.