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Know the Way at Home - The Entire Roadmap just $98.00!

At Theara, we prepare you to tackle all of the obstacles and the challenges that your Neurodivergent child faces from the moment you suspect that your child might be Neurodiverse up until they enter school. This course is your roadmap to prepare them to succeed in the classroom, navigate social situations, build relationships, and feel prepared for the ND school experience. Know the Way at Home equips you will everything you need to confidently navigate the ND parenting journey.

Know Your ABCs at Home - Get Started for just $25!

To provide the best care for your ND child you must first understand the foundations of Neurodiversity. This course is the building block for Know the Way at Home, and it ensures you fully understand your child’s unique needs and are equipped to support them in the most effective way. Know your ABCs provides you with the knowledge your need to start the ND parenting journey right.


Theara Mama Facebook Group: Free Resources


The Theara Mama Facebook group is full of ND parents and grandparents looking for a community to relate to and support each other through their family’s Neuro-distinct journey. For many of us, it can be an incredibly lonely experience. The group is free and open to everyone! Click the button below to join and become a Theara Mama!

Get Certified With Theara for just $175!

This course is for a range of people who work with children aged 1-6. Home school parents, caregivers, nannies, early childcare workers, and daycare providers. This course ensures you are aware of industry standards related to Neurodiversity and expands your employment opportunities. You will be equipped to better serve your clients, deliver a more impactful reach, and have more marketability.


Theara’s Masterclass is tailored for ND parents, grandparents, caregivers, educators, and Neurodivergents providing hands-on coaching as they navigate the ND life experience. Every month, you will have direct access to Renee. You’ll be able to ask specific questions relevant to your circumstances and connect with other individuals on the same journey as you. Are you ready to transform your life and the lives of everyone around you? Only $9.99 a month!