Theara Academy is your roadmap to an inclusive and accommodating workplace.

Know the Way at Work -

Empowering a Neurodiverse workforce is essential to an organization’s competitive advantage. Understanding the foundations of Neurodiversity is crucial to building an inclusive workplace. This course equips participants with powerful communication strategies, increases executive functioning skills and ensures employee retention, happiness and success. Theara’s innovative Neurodiversity inclusion training focuses on embedding efficacy and equity into the heart of organizations. 

Know Your ABCs at Work

Developing a clear understanding of Neurodiversity and how to successfully engage and communicate with co-workers is crucial to providing an accommodating and inclusive workplace. This is your starting point for the Know the Way at Work courses, providing you with the overview needed to best support your staff and better ensure their retention and job satisfaction.


Get Certified as a Theara Neurodiversity Coach for just $175

This course is for a variety of people, such as DEI Leaders, Neurodiversity-Focus Groups, ERGs, Human Resource Directors, and Executives. This course verifies you have advanced knowledge of the industry standards related to Environmental Social Governance, while also ensuring you deliver a more impactful reach, and better serve your employees and clientele.