Get the Support and the Skills You Deserve to Harness Peace, Practicality, and Ease for You and Your Neurodiverse Child

You will set your child on a path of personal success and a happy, healthy life, and they can stop leading with their lack!

The Masterclass is the game-changing, supportive “how-to” instruction and community for you to manage what can, for many moms, be a challenging time.

With Theara's Masterclass, you will support your child by helping them:

Navigate their academic journey

Join a group of moms just like you today. Where you'll find practical advice, life strategies, accountability, situational management techniques, and access to materials to help you manage the flow of doctors, specialists, teachers, and other education professionals you’ll deal with shortly (if you aren’t already!)

Build lasting relationships

Reach their goals

Learn to effectively communicate 

Embrace their Neurodiversity


Teach your child to lead with their unique gifts, not their LACK. Too often, ND kids are taught to, “lead with their lack.” No way! Not on my watch. ⏰

Give yourself a breather! Mom, you definitely deserve one - you’ll LOVE our acronym-based situational assessment techniques to create synergy in your home – and for your child, of course!

Understand and learn from moms who have “been there, done that” - and believe me, I’m the Queen of moms who have been through it! When you have that supportive community that understands what you’re going through, life gets a little easier.

Better anticipate what's coming and how best to strategically support your child and the needs for your entire family.

Your solution is not to “Try to Be a Better Mom”. Come on, you’re already a great Mom! You’re looking for answers on, “how to make all this easier”, and that’s why you’re here.

How can we turn your struggle into J.O.Y. together in Theara's Masterclass? 

Which of these ND mom problems can you relate to? 

You're terrified to talk to your friends or family about your child's ND, because you know they just won't get it.

You're staying awake at night blaming yourself and calling yourself a bad mother for your child's ND.

You're fearful your marriage won't last because you and your partner have very different mindsets.

You don't even know where to start with supporting your child, and you feel like a failure.

You're struggling with the stigma of an ND child who doesn't fit the mold, and want to change your thinking.

You have no idea if your child will graduate let alone be able to handle schoolwork.

If any of these apply to you, then together we will work through the grief and trauma surrounding Neurodiversity.

With Theara's hands-on coaching we will bring J.O.Y. into your home.

Introducing Theara's Masterclass

Theara's Masterclass is jam packed with value!

Theara's Masterclass is  comprehensive online coaching that provides moms of Neurodivergent children with practical methods and applications that have been tried and tested. This coaching is for moms who want to give the best support to their children, so their children can thrive.

Whether you suspect your child is ND, recently diagnosed,
or you've been on this journey for several years,
this coaching is for you.

A $1000+ VALUE FOR JUST $9.99 A MONTH!

Monthly live coaching sessions where you can speak directly with Renee and other ND moms 

Access to the Masterclass members' online community full of moms across the 

the world you can connect with and relate to

Exclusive acronyms, lessons, and exercises from Theara

Support applying Theara acronyms to your Neuro-distinct experience

Direct access to Renee, where you can ask her questions and pick her brain

Absolutely UNIQUE content you won't see in our other programs,
anywhere - made for moms just like you!

Join Our Revolutionary Acronym-Based Coaching for ND Children NOW

 Choose a plan that works best for you and your family. 

12 x Monthly Payments



What gives me the right to teach you about Neurodiversity?

ADHD Businessowner

ND Mom of Neurodivergent children

Experienced and qualified educator

Waymaker and Founder

As a dynamic transformational leader, I established two successful virtual schools in Arizona; Marana Distance Learning K12 and Northern Arizona Distance Learning. I created Theara with the fullest intention to support Neurodiverse well-living and provide a clear roadmap for the ND journey from the cradle to the grave. Although I was diagnosed with ADHD as a young adult, my interest in Neurodiversity did not peak until I began to recognize this in my children. Theara is the integration of my passion for wellness, education, and Neurodiversity. I'm bringing my mother-heart to the table combined with years of navigating my own ND journey and being an educator to offer a sure path to efficacy, equity, and empowerment through Theara. 

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