Theara provides relief for people under the Neurodiverse umbrella including ADHD, Dyslexia, Autism, and OCD.

Through online training and coaching, you learn simple brain training exercises, easy-to-remember acronyms, and quick-win life hacks that positively transform your everyday.

Theara is an ESA/ClassWallet approved vendor!          All Theara Academy courses and coaching services are included.

Some of the most common neurodiversity types include ADHDDyslexiaOCD, Autism, Giftedness, and Dyscalculia.

In order to ensure efficacy, equity, and empowerment for the Neurodiverse Collective it is important for everyone to develop at least a basic understanding of these neurodiversity types.

Theara provides understanding and offers free access to everyday support that you can employ immediately.

Theara Academy

All courses are ESA/ClassWallet approved!

For Pre-K parents, caregivers, and early childcare providers

These courses are your roadmap to navigate everyday family struggles, build positive connections, develop effective communication skills, and plan for your child’s future success.


For parents, educators, and teachers

Supporting Neurodiverse students on their academic journey is crucial to their lifelong success. These courses were crafted to carry you through the K-12 student experience ensuring that all students are accommodated for and prepared to begin life beyond the classroom.

For the Workplace

Empowering a Neurodiverse workforce is essential to an organization’s competitive advantage. This course provides advanced knowledge of DEIB industry standards related to Environmental Social Governance while also ensuring organizations better serve their employees and clientele.

For Neurodivergents

These offerings are designed for adolescents and adults looking to better manage and comfortably share their Neurodiverse identity. Neurodivergents have historically been led according to their lack. This course helps individuals identify their personal strengths and emerge ND confidently.  

“As a mental health practitioner, Theara has become a wonderful resource that I use. Not only is the material helpful for my Neurodivergent clients, but Theara’s practical resources are useful for all of my clients. Specifically, the principles from the EMERGE ND course have been something that I’ve incorporated into my day-to-day life. The entire course is built from an easy-to-use acronym system. I don’t know about you, but life and work feel especially busy these days, so I’m grateful to have found a philosophy that I can not only remember, but I can use to help me to be a better practitioner, friend, family member, and overall, a better human being. Whatever your background or professional experience, if you work with people, or have them in your life, you will absolutely benefit from everything Theara has to offer.” 

Chris Tompkins

MA LGBT Affirmative Psychology, Life Coach, Author, and Speaker

A Road Trip to Love

“You are such an INCREDIBLE person, woman, mom, wife, advocate and friend…. I am literally HUMBLED to know you. Your comments to the students inspired them beyond words. I truly can never say ‘thank you’ in a way that adequately expresses my appreciation. You single-handedly inspired my students in THE MOST MEANINGFUL lecture they have heard in their graduate program to date.”

Dr. Judith King

Associate Professor of Communication Sciences and Disorders

Northern Arizona University

“As a mental health practitioner, Theara has become a wonderful resource to which I can refer my clients. Theara is a place for individuals to unearth information on Neurodiversity, definitions of some of the most common neurodiverse types, and an easy-to-use acronym system. ‘The Theara Way provides a clear step-by-step path to efficacy, equity, and empowerment for the neurodiverse collective’ (Theara, 2022). However, Theara can be used by everyone, the neurotypical and neurodiverse. EMERGE ND has been a resource I use in my daily practice to help myself embrace who I am, manage daily stressors, heal from my past, and thrive in my gifts today.”

Michelle Caldwell

Licensed Associate Counselor (LPC)