Waymaker – Renee Rosales

Renee is a mother, educator, advocate, and transformational leader. She has always possessed a deep passion for education. As an innovator, Renee established two of the first virtual schools in Arizona. She collaborated with educational partners co-founding Marana Distance Learning K12 in 2004. Then less than two years later, she founded Northern Arizona Distance Learning. NADL is the first online public school in the northern half of the state. As a visionary, Renee believes that with the right amount of education and determination anything is possible.

Renee’s passion for neurodiversity developed with motherhood. Although she has ADHD, Renee was not quick to associate with the disorder. She managed her ADHD symptoms dismissively integrating few coping skills into her life. When her toddler displayed significant developmental delays her interest in neurodiversity shifted. As Renee embraced this concept, she discovered that her life was much richer. When Renee employed neurodiversity-based coping skills she realized she became more effective. Through this process, Renee also developed a deep appreciation for the neurodiverse perspective. Rosales believes that embracing Neurodiversity is essential to the future success of humanity.

Theara is the integration of Renee’s passion for education and neurodiversity. Renee brings her mother-heart to the table and offers hope, possibility, and belonging to the neurodiverse. Her desire is to provide a direct and sure path to efficacy, equity, and empowerment for as many as she is able. Renee is sharing her journey, The Theara Way, so you don’t have to walk alone.

Waymaker – Wanda Tompkins

Wanda is a mother, and wife, who has always been passionate about a healthy lifestyle and putting her family first. She is a results-oriented business leader with 30+ years of experience in the specialty retail industry. Wanda has a proven track record of cross-functional collaboration to ensure the achievement of company goals and objectives. She is a very passionate, intense, and well-balanced leader who believes that people make all the difference to an organization. Her focus on building successful teams is through individual development and succession planning at every level whereby individuals can achieve their comprehensive possibilities.

Wanda’s work is centered on aim-driven results by creating a high-performing, knowledge-based, motivational, and empowered culture.  As a business-savvy entrepreneur and high-level strategist with an exceptional record of maintaining and revitalizing sales and profitability improvement, Wanda has positively transformed various organizations. Wanda is a naturally curious, and collaborative leader who builds engagement and trust within all organizations and promotes open communication at every level.

As a visionary leader with a proven track record in the development of emerging brands, Wanda brings vital passion and energy to the Theara team. As Director of Operations at Theara, Wanda works to cultivate relationships at all levels, recruit, develop and motivate top talent to ensure the Theara Way: efficacy, equity and empowerment for the Neurodiverse Collective.

Waymaker – Ilene Myers

Ilene is a mother, grandmother, and accounting/finance professional, who has over 25 years of experience working with large publicly traded companies.

Her experience with corporate America includes financial management of a European business center in the UK and oversight of global accounting services.

As a child and young adult, Ilene felt like she marched to a different drum and struggled to “fit in”.  She now recognizes this was the result of her neurodiversity.  Ilene is very excited about the Theara Way and the opportunity to use her skill set in helping Theara light the way for the Neurodiverse Collective.