“As the area of light expands, so does the perimeter of darkness.”

― Albert Einstein

Light has fascinated us for centuries because it presents infinite symbolism so simply. The vision for Theara has developed profoundly over the last ten years. Creative writing is a favorite hobby of mine, and a story was the birthplace of Theara. For years, I struggled to understand why I had this fantastic story inside my mind and had no time to write it down. Ten years ago, I was beginning to explore my child’s Neurodiversity and had little time for hobbies. My son had therapy five days a week, and I was also juggling the needs of additional children, home, marriage, an online school program, and two other small businesses. There was no space for the story, so I daydreamed about it, wrote here and there, and kept asking myself why. As time passed and my passion for Neurodiversity grew, I realized the vision was not a story but an innovation. I needed to develop the story, its characters, significant events, context, and relationships to see the blueprint for Theara. The most pervasive theme of the story was the expansion of light, which is Theara’s central focus. I have integrated the attributes of light into every aspect of Theara’s development. The Theara acronym for L.I.G.H.T. is Listen, Integrate, Guide, Honor, and Transform. Let’s discuss how these five actions mirror the work of the light and get things done for the Neurodiverse Collective.

Did you know that some Neurodivergents can actually see sounds? According to an article from The Guardian, “One in five people are affected by a synaesthesia-a phenomenon in which visual movements or flashes of light are “heard” as faint sounds, according to scientists.”.
So, some of us can hear light but can light listen? The answer is yes. Innovators and Geophysicists like, Ajo-Franklin and Nate Lindsey are using fiber optics to measure and listen to seismic vibrations. The article, “Listening with Light” explains the intricacies of this innovative technology. Perhaps light speaks to us more than it listens, waking us up to what or who we need to listen to. Like light, the Neurodiverse are also waking up to new perspectives and phenomenons, and we must begin to listen.

Light produces energy, and energy is a powerful integrator. Light feeds us, supports us, sustains us, integrating itself into every aspect of our lives. At Theara, we are focused on teaching people how to organize for optimism and invite the light in every way. We are integrating time-honored wellness principles, tailored explicitly for the Neurodiverse, into every day. For decades, Neurodiversity has been shrouded in negative stigma. Still, the Neurodiverse are made to feel ashamed of their differences, yet the key to positive transformation in our world resides within them. The Neurodiverse Collective is a movement purposed to build a bridge between the Neurodiverse and Neuro-typical, inviting everyone to the table with the aim to develop something beautiful.

The light guides us forward, moving us beyond the darkness and into understanding. The light reveals safe passage and danger zones. The light also allows for reflection. Good guidance comes from those who take time to reflect on their journey, interactions, weaknesses, and strengths. Those who invite reflection learn from the mistakes of their past and strive for a better way forward. Guidance from someone living in the dark is dangerous. The darkness has no reflection; it cannot comprehend the light. Guidance is only good when it invites revelation. At Theara we let light lead the Neurodiverse Collective on the journey forward.

Honor is a profound thing. Google defines honor as “adherence to what is right or regarding with great respect.” We just determined that light results in revelation. Light bring clarity and divulges flaw and error. Light reveals what is true, what is right. Therefore, light inspires honor. We are all inherently flawed. None of us wants our faults highlighted or displayed. We all wish to keep our struggles, failings, and imperfections hidden. Revealing our weakness requires transparency and tenderness; those things are for the weak. What is weakness? Google defines it as, “a condition of lack.” Honor focuses on abundance, value, and respect. At Theara, we lead with honor. We lead with a deep respect for the value of the Neurodiverse and invite abundance into all our encounters.

Transformation is the natural result of the revelation offered by light. What is hidden with darkness is made known in the light. Knowledge is power! The more we understand, the greater our capacity becomes for influence and growth. Transformation involves our capacity for changes. Change is never easy. Change involves risk, discomfort, and pain. Even the most positive changes make us uncomfortable or insecure because they involve new processes and habits. At Theara, transformation is our goal. We understand that some will be uncomfortable with this shift; we might piss some people off. Those living in the dark are the vampires, and they are looking to feed. Vampires cringe at the light because the light exposes their envy, their wanting. Light is a giver; light embraces and inspires, light covers and nourishes. Positive transformation cannot exist without L.I.G.H.T. Let’s encourage the Neurodiverse to shine!

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