OCD Hacks for Adults

10 Hacks for Home

  • Stay focus on what is good, what is right, what is true and invite joy
  • Stay hydrated, eat right, and exercise regularly 
  • Give yourself Grace 
  • Create a private, electronic free, comfy zone in your home and retreat there for at least 15 minutes daily
  • Avoid triggers when possible and push forward with a professional
  • Set aside time in everyday for focused breathing – 5 seconds in – 5 seconds hold – 5 seconds out]
  • Your eyes guide your thoughts- when fears start to rise try to focus on something  beautiful nearby (a plant or flower) instead and be grateful for life’s beauty
  • Spend time outdoors whenever you can
  • Go out of your way to do something nice for your biggest supporter daily
  • Be grateful

10 Hacks for School and Work

  • Play to your strengths – let others know where you shine
  • Don’t lead with your lack- share your life hacks to help empower others
  • Recruit a friend to provide you support at work and let them know when you are struggling.
  • Don’t let your mind wonder aimlessly; take notes and doodle on topic during meetings
  • Create a specific plan to manage triggers and compulsions at work and use it
  • Know the accommodations that work for you and use them
  • Take a walk on your lunch break – stay physically active at work
  • Document your day to help identify and avoid OCD pitfalls
  • Keep a journal review it monthly to recognize your progress and milestones
  • Go out of your way for others and others will likely return the favor