Gifted Life Hacks for Parents

10 Hacks for Home

  • Maintain a structured routine to help reduce stress
  • Keep kiddos hydrated and engage them in regular physical activity
  • Teach your child to practice GRACE with themselves and others: Give – Respect, Admiration, Courtesy, Empathy
  • Provide them a safe space in the home that they can control – If space is at a premium, get creative, a tent on the bed or a closet will do
  • Teach them to take time out to breathe deeply –  4 seconds in – 4 seconds hold – 4 seconds out
  • Teach your children to practice self-care as soon as possible – taking naps when possible, regular breaks from electronics, quiet time
  • Teach them to serve others – Do something kind and random with your child weekly
  • Let them explore  Languages, Music, Art, Dance, and Theatre – Help them find their passion
  • Give them time to play independently and explore their imagination
  • Forceful parents find fault – Powerful parents see possibility – Choose Power

10 Hacks for School

  • Plan to meet with your child’s teacher prior to school enrollment to open the door to collaboration; Your child will likely need special projects to stay busy
  • Inquire about Gifted testing and Gifted education with your local public school and know what they have to offer
  • Enroll your child in extra-curricular activities: sports, band, orchestra, theatre
  • Encourage your child to draw and doodle (on-topic) while taking notes in class to maintain interest
  • Teach your child to live soul first always valuing their well-being over their accomplishments
  • Help them a safe place at school where you can take a break if needed
  • Encourage your child to keep a well-being journal and have them reflect on their entries monthly – This helps them learn to evaluate and monitor their emotions
  • Allow them to keep a fidget in class
  • Encourage them to participate in service daily. Opening the door for students, helping someone in the hall, or asking
  • Plan 10 minutes in every school day for a recap of school events and listen carefully