Gifted Life Hacks for Adults

10 Hacks for Home

  • Maintain a simple routine
  • Stay hydrated, eat right, and exercise regularly
  • Practice 30 minutes of silence daily
  • Spend time outdoors daily – on a walk. sitting in the sun, hiking, etc.
  • Give yourself grace – Give yourself – Respect, Admiration, Courtesy, Empathy
  • Set aside time in every day for focused breathing – 4 seconds in – 4 seconds hold – 4 seconds out
  • Take care of yourself – take more naps and give yourself a break from electronics daily
  • Keep your passions alive with reading and hobbies
  • Don’t over commit yourself – You are so much more than your accomplishments
  • Focus on what is good and be grateful

10 Hacks for School and Work

  • Perform an act of service daily: helping a co-worker, opening doors, advocating
  • Draw and doodle (on-topic) while in meetings to maintain interest
  • Live soul first always valuing your well-being over your accomplishments
  • Go on a walk outside at lunch
  • Keep a well-being journal and review it monthly to help you thrive at work
  • Take at least 2 breathing breaks at work daily
  • When your day takes a turn for the worst, focus on what is good, what you know to be true, and those whom you love
  • Keep a productivity journal and review it monthly – This will help you to the next level
  • Recap work events for 10 mins daily with a spouse or loved one – to detox
  • Do something you love doing every day while at work