ADHD Hacks for Parents

10 Hacks for Home

  • Keep a bulletin board with upcoming events and review daily
  • Give a 5-minute warning for transitions
  • Maintain a structured routine to ensure your child’s mind-body balance
  • Keep kiddos hydrated and engage them in regular physical activity
  • Give directions slowly and deliberately and be sure they look you in the eye and listen
  • Be aware of their cues and help them – ask them to slow down, use fewer words, and speak softly
  • Use a timer for difficult conversations and do not allow interruptions (2 min. per person)
  • Allow them to use headphones for studying and play happy music without words
  • Use Notes and Lists: See it, Say it, Write it, Repeat it
  • Provide frequent positive feedback – acknowledge their focused efforts

10 Hacks for School

  • Play to your child’s strengths – let others know where they shine
  • Plan to meet with your child’s teacher or caregiver prior to enrollment to open the door to collaboration
  • Use seating arrangements to your advantage – front row placement helps
  • Encourage your child to ask for directions to be repeated and write them down
  • Be sure your child has a fidget on hand and is able to chew gum during class
  • Encourage your child to include on topic drawings with classroom notes to further embed instruction
  • Require your child to maintain a school binder with a planner and check this daily
  • Encourage exercise and physical play immediately following school and prior to homework
  • Be sure headphones are available to your child for testing and quiet work
  • Have your child ear read whenever possible to study and turn the speed up to 1.5 or 2 to enhance focus, this is even more effective if individuals are walking while listening.