ADHD Hacks for Kids

10 Hacks for Home

  • Use Notes and Lists: See it, Say it, Write it, Review it
  • Keep a bulletin board with upcoming events and review daily
  • Morning is not the time to break routine – keep it simple
  • A structured routine will insure your mind body balance 
  • Ask loved ones to help by telling you kindly when you are talking too loud, too fast, or too much
  • When your mind is working overtime engage in physical play
  • Ask loved ones to regularly repeat important information for you
  • Stay hydrated and avoid sugary drinks 
  • Plan 5 extra minutes into everything you do
  • Do what is most important first

10 Hacks for School

  • Rely on your strengths 
  • Use of fidgets, chew gum, and keep mints handy
  • Sit in the front of the class where the teacher can see you
  • Be open about your differences and invite help
  • Move when you study or sit for 5 minutes and exercise for 1 minute
  • Use headphones when studying and listen to happy music
  • Face your desk toward the window or wall to avoid distractions
  • Reward yourself for 5-10 minutes of focused study time with a 2-3 minute break
  • Keep a binder with folder pockets for your work in each class to help stay organized
  • Be kind to yourself; no one is perfect