ADHD Hacks for Adults

10 Hacks for Home

  • Use Notes and Lists: See it, Say it, Write it, Review it
  • Keep a bulletin board with upcoming events and review daily
  • Keep a structured routine to ensure your mind-body balance
  • Ask loved ones to help by telling you kindly when you are talking too loud, too fast, or too much
  • When your mind is working overtime engage in exercise to the point of fatigue
  • Stay hydrated, avoid sugary drinks and use caffeine for calm and focus
  • Plan an extra five minutes into every activity or to do
  • Use a timer for difficult conversations and do not allow interruptions (2 min. per person)
  • Remember less is more, abbreviation is key to effectiveness
  • Be kind to yourself; no one is perfect

10 Hacks for School and Work

  • Rely on your strengths and share your struggle
  • Use fidgets, chew gum, and keep mints handy
  • Standing desks are great for work
  • Be open about your neurodiversity and invite assistance
  • Know the accommodations that work for you and use them
  • Plan movement into work and study – 5 minutes of study – 1 min of exercise. Use audiobooks and podcasts for education and data review. Whenever possible, turn the speed up on the audio and walk
  • Use headphones when studying, listen to happy music, and face your desk toward the window or wall
  • When you plan your day take two to do’s away to avoid over-scheduling and do what’s most important first
  • Reward yourself for being on time and avoiding distractions – make it a game
  • Give yourself grace