DYSLEXIA Hacks for Adults

10 Hacks for Home

  • Use Notes and Lists: See it, Say it, Write it, Review it
  • Bulletin board with schedule and important dates in a prominent location
  • Keep a virtual assistant at the ready
  • Maintain a structured routine to ensure your mind-body balance
  • YouTube – This is an incredible resource for instructions on home repairs, recipes, etc.
  • Audiobooks for relaxation
  • Ask family members to help you as needed: writing down important dates on your bulletin board, speaking slowly and deliberately when sharing important information, providing you time to process a difficult discussion
  • Create and honor a daily quiet hour – Dyslexia is a processing disorder too many words can be overwhelming – plan for word rest
  • Keep an audio record of important conversations and family agreements
  • Give GRACE to yourself and others – Give:  Respect, Admiration, Courtesy, and Empathy

10 Hacks for School and Work

  • Play to your strengths – let others know where you shine
  • Don’t lead with your lack- share your life hacks to help empower others
  • Keep a virtual assistant at the ready
  • Always double check before you hit send – place a wait time on your emails as a safety net
  • Take advantage of free apps to edit for written work 
  • Use audiobooks and podcasts whenever possible, increase the speed, and move while you listen
  • Utilize speech to text and text to speech software
  • Keep an audio record of important meetings
  • Be open about your neurodiversity, share and invite assistance
  • Know the accommodations that work for you and employ them